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Best Folding Utility Knife, Pocket Knife Supplier

Before 1997, Cuttway pocket knife manufacturer played as a trading company of engineering resolution and product sourcing for sporting goods and precise industrial components.

Started from 1997, set up a knife factory as a professional pocket knife supplier in Taichung, Taiwan and won a sole manufacturing contract with A TOP brand of USA knife co., over 100 years. In the consecutive 5 years, Cuttway grew up rapidly and learnt full experiences in the utility folding knife, fixed blades, spring assisted knives, military tactical knives, survival pocket knives, rescue knives, hunting, camping, water knives, fishing knives and so on from strong backgrounds of engineering works, manufacturing process, quality control and worker training,

In 2003, began an operational unit in China to capture lower cost components back to Taiwan and meanwhile to investigate the environment of knife industry, while faced the severe cost struggles from China. Formally established the facility in Zhongshan, Guangdong, China in 2005 to expand the capacity for the large volume and budget sensitive projects

Owing the facilities both in Taiwan and China, CUTTWAY further extends its advantages in service of various demands. Today, Cuttway is well positioned to serve its growing customers with product quality, innovation, reliability and satisfying customer service.

-100% Taiwan made, low MOQ, high end steel and perfect quality
-100% China made, local material, stable quality, price point
-Manufacturing integration between China and Taiwan obtains value-added Taiwan-origin, quality reliability and competitive pricing.

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